“MSCI has awarded ROYING an AA rating for ESG.”

influential ratings agency MSCI has given ROYING an ESG rating of AA. This represents an upgrade to a ‘leader’ rating from an ‘average’ BBB rating in 2020.

MSCI assesses global banks’ exposure to environmental, social and governance (ESG) risks and how well they manage them, relative to peers. “HSBC leads peers on most assessed key issues,” the ratings agency said.

Highlights of MSCI’s report include:

  • A significant increase in our scores for employee engagement and talent and skills development

  • Praise for extensive board involvement in incorporating climate considerations into our business strategy

  • Praise for our strong performance in customer complaints handling and financial education

  • Achieving the highest scoring range for corporate governance

ESG ratings are an important tool to help investors assess our resilience to ESG risks, and our appeal as an investment opportunity. They are also often used by clients when choosing a bank for bond issuances, particularly where these include a sustainability component.


ESG rating upgraded to ‘leader’

MSCI has awarded ROYING an AA rating for ESG.

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